Who we are.


  • Enable genuine connectivity for challenging applications


  • Journey to the Best Connectors
  • Connections that enable the company to realize the value creation that customers desire. Connections for potential customers who dream of a new world that shines with value. The best connector that the company speaks of is a connector that can support the most perfect connection to realize their value. UJU Electronics and its customers put their heads together and share their dreams and values with each other to create the best connection to realize them.


  • Endless Challenge, Sustained Growth
  • UJU Electronics goes beyond the given limits by taking up challenges meticulously and precisely calculated by it. The UJU Electronics learns valuable lessons from failure, continuously seeks change based on 'Failing fast', and continues to challenge the status quo. Also, not resting on our laurels and seeing shining success as another crisis, we continue to innovate more drastically. The company opens up possibilities for everything, boldly takes on challenges with the best teamwork, and opens the way for further growth.


  • Value created with persistent curiosity
  • As much as curiosity is about novelty, the company throws into question things that seem obvious, always asking ‘why?’, pursuing persistently the matter to find answers to given problems and continuing to grow. We believe that when our hear swells with joy of understanding something by relentless curiosity, we can create values ​​that did not exist in the world. Every innovation the company makes doesn't happen by chance, but is the result of such relentless passion.


  • Collaboration of talented people with UJU Electronics
  • UJU Electronics is led by people who understand and practice core values ​​and culture, and people who find what they do best and make results. In addition, flexible people who create and manage better frameworks while following set rules, and people who grow together with consideration and encouragement and share moments of success with each other, realize customer value through true connection.

UJU electronics

  • Beyond the world to space! Connection that opens up a shining future / UJU Electronics creates new value through countless connections and opens up infinite possibilities. Founded in 1993, the company is connecting the world with ultra-precision micro connectors and making our lives brighter.Sophisticated connections make our lives easier, and the world becomes more interconnected and closer. Extending beyond the world to space as the connection continues, UJU Electronics opens up a more innovative future, and is hard at work today as well.


  • ESTABLISHED March 29, 1993
  • NUMBERS +82) 31 371 3700
  • ADDRESS 3F, 7 Daehak 3-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16227, KOREA
  • NUMBERS +84) 0208 3931 557
  • ADDRESS Lot CN 2-5/6, Diem Thuy Industrial Zone , Diem Thuy commune , Phu Binh district , Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam
  • TITLE UJU Vĩnh Phúc Factory
  • NUMBERS +84) 0211 3843 700
  • ADDRESS No 55, Lot CN12, Khai Quang IZ, Vinh Yen city,Vinh Phuc Province, Viet Nam
  • TITLE UJU Phú Thọ Factory
  • NUMBERS +84) 0210 3889 599
  • ADDRESS Lot CN4, Cam Khe IZ, Cam Khe town, Cam Khe district, Phu Tho provinces, Vietnam
  • TITLE UJU Qingdao Factory
  • NUMBERS +86) 0532 89083700
  • ADDRESS China Qingdao City, Shandong Province, Chengyang District, Xincheng Industrial Zone

Sales Agent

  • Shanghai, China Office Room 1105, Jiazheng International Building, No.28, Moyu Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China
  • ShenZhen, China Office Room 1005, Chuangjian Building, No.6023 Shennan Blvdshenzhen, GuangDong, China
  • Shanghai, China Agent, Shanghai Yinghan International Co., Ltd. Rm.705, 7F, Xuan Run International Bldg., 1100 Wuzhong Rd, Minhang, Shanghai, China https://www.hksemitech.com/contact/location
  • Taiwan Office 3F-5,No.18, Lane 48, XingShan Rd.,NeiHu District, Taipei City. 11469, Taiwan.

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